See How TOUGH® 5EC Works

Want to learn more about TOUGH® 5EC, the pyridate-based herbicide used by producers across the U.S. Corn Belt to address resistance issues? Take a moment to browse our resource library.

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Photosynthesis Disruption

Pyridate, the active ingredient in TOUGH® 5EC, plays a critical role in your integrated weed management program to support optimal corn production.

The herbicide acts to disrupt the photosystem II process in broadleaf weeds by triggering the release of toxic forms of oxygen that cause rapid cell wall degradation.

Photosystem II Inhibtion
Release of Toxic 02

Field Trial Data

Speed of Kill - Palmer Amaranth at Purdue University

Weeds 1-11" tall
Soil Moisture: fair

Speed of Kill - Waterhemp at Iowa State University

Common waterhemp 3-10" tall
Soil moisture: good

Speed of Kill – Waterhemp at University of Missouri

Common waterhemp 3" tall

Soil moisture: good