Get TOUGH on Resistant Broadleaf Weeds

Herbicide resistance is on the rise, and it can take a serious toll on your bottom line. You need a tank mix partner that will stop yield-robbing broadleaf weeds in their tracks and clean up your fields for optimal corn productivity.

Group 6 Herbicide: TOUGH 5EC

TOUGH 5EC — a proven, effective pyridate-based solution from Belchim Crop Protection USA — fits into your integrated weed management strategy to arrest troublesome weeds with known resistance like Common Waterhemp, Kochia and Palmer Amaranth and keep them out of your cornfields for good.

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  • Common Waterhemp
  • Palmer Amaranth
  • Kochia
  • Lambsquarters
  • Ragweeds

Proven, Effective Control

It’s important to get optimal performance from each active ingredient in your tank mix. That’s why TOUGH 5EC is such an effective mode of action on your acres. It partners well with valuable chemistries to deliver greater weed control in corn, acre after acre.

TOUGH 5EC + HPPD Inhibitors

TOUGH 5EC synergizes Group 27 HPPD inhibitors for a lethal one-two punch against resistance issues: TOUGH increases the weed’s production of free radicals, and HPPDs reduce the weed’s ability to detoxify these free radicals.

TOUGH 5EC + Atrazine

TOUGH 5EC enhances a PSII class herbicide like Atrazine to disrupt photosynthesis in weeds. By uniquely binding to a different site than Atrazine, TOUGH increases speed to kill and improves control of Atrazine-resistant weeds.

The Data To Back It Up

Field trial data shows that adding TOUGH 5EC to the post-emergence tank mix increases weed control up to 30%—particularly when resistance to other herbicide classes is present in the weed population.

Why Use TOUGH 5EC?

  • High Degree Of Efficacy
  • Post-Emergence Solution
  • Selective Contact Herbicide
  • Rainfast In 60 Minutes
  • Fast-Acting (7-10 Days)
  • Safe—It Will Not Cause Injury To Corn
  • Zero Plant-Back Restrictions

Product Information

TOUGH is registered on Field Corn, Seed Corn and Popcorn. Take a closer look at the product label, safety data sheet and other important information for TOUGH 5EC.

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